Battlefield Hardline Receiving DDoS Attacks

EA’s new Battlefield Hardline is receiving DDoS attacks. Players have been having issues getting on their servers because of the attacks. They had to go on twitter to make a statement. This comes after the reveal of the resolution of the games on consoles. 2015-03-19 17-51-04

EA Access subscribers were able to play the game early via the service, and found out it was a little harder to play than they expected. It turned out the servers were being attacked. This comes after Battlefield 4 launching with a lot of bugs, glitches and connection issues. Many thought it was the same thing all over again. It seems however now the servers are going back to normal, but they’re still experiencing some issues because of the attack. 2015-03-19 17-47-03

This might affect the servers on launch, but we know EA and Visceral Games are working on it.

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[Via Pressfire]