Steam Requires Paid Endorsements To Be Disclosed

Valve has put down it’s foot with Steam in the new update version of their agreement. They now require you disclose any paid endorsements on the service. Seeing how lately they’ve had some issues with the service. Maybe this will push the industry to be more transparent.

Between Valve costumer service receiving an F and Valve asking developers to stop giving out free keys for upvotes. This is a good time for them to go out and do the right thing when it comes to paid endorsments. In the new subscriber agreement, Located in section 6, paragraph C. This is what it now says with the new update:

“If you use Steam services (e.g. the Steam Curators’ Lists or the Steam Broadcasting service) to promote or endorse a product, service or event in return for any kind of consideration from a third party (including non-monetary rewards such as free games), you must clearly indicate the source of such consideration to your audience.”
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[Via IGN]