The Hidden Face of Hypocrisy: Randi Harper (Part 2)

Randi Harper is known for her harassment and cyber bullying of others as seen in Part 1 of this trilogy. When she targets an individual there is no stopping her. She uses the same tactics to try to bury and shame them . Generally she starts by calling someone out using their twitter user name, then lies about them to create controversy which sparks a dog-pile, and then finally stalks them or berates them with personal attacks.  A perfect example of this pattern is exhibited through the treatment of Chris Von Csefalvay.

Their first interaction is one that came off as heated but civil. She had previously posted saying she wanted to run an analysis on GamerGate which sparked the interest of the data scientist Chris Von Csefalvay; who had himself already done a popular and accepted small sample analysis._ For context feel free to read the archives from December 17th – 18th 2014 here and here . _

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Within minutes of this exchange Harper began using her usual pattern to hurl insults, posting public statuses broadcast to her over 13,000 followers; all based off of the one conversation they had and Chris’ personal analysis. By doing this she is purposely calling attention to who her target is.

The next part of her pattern is the dog-piling effect, which she encourages by retweeting posts on twitter that are attacking her target, as you see with Chris here. Aware of these tactics he asks her to go on explaining how she found him sexist from their single conversation.

Within this exchange she ignores his attempts at clarification and askes her followers to answer him as to why she finds him sexist. Another individual notices what is happening to Chris and tries to explain:

Still ignoring the request for clarification on her claims she goes on to say that she would have given Chris her twitter contacts if had been nicer to her:

She then starts the next one of her known tactics, she starts paraphrasing with false content giving her followers and onlookers the impression that someone is a sexist/misogynist/rapist. (This  common tactic is also seen in the Part 1 article pertaining to Wadwha)


Then she took her criticism of his article to her followers and openly laughs and mocks his work, often referring to him as a “fake scientist”. His website is posted here with clear information about the sample sizes; all of the information on how he collected the source data was provided by himself for the public to see.

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Her final known tactic in the pattern is to brigade, stalk, and harass until she gets bored of her target or until they close their accounts and when he stops responding to her on twitter she turns to facebook.

This goes on for almost two months relentlessly, all while she was claiming she was the one who was being harassed.

Chris did decide to close his twitter as he had done everything he could to explain himself, provided facts, and communicated to the best of his ability. His wife tried to talk with Harper but the response was as expected.

Her followers then went as far to email him threatening his wife with bodily harm which he stated was the last straw, he was willing to risk his own safety but not his family’s. Shortly after he closed his account an anonymous person created a fake account claiming to be Chris. Harper shows how intently she had been stalking Chris by jumping onto this fake account, where she proceeded to harass the impostor.

Randi Harper created an atmosphere so toxic that she ran a man, who had been up front about his research with nothing to hide, off of twitter. As a result of her behavior he was harassed, bullied, and was personally threatened with violence along with his family. Recently, after everything that took place,  Harper attempted to claim she didn’t even remember his name.

A follow up interview will be included as the third and final installment of this article trilogy; where Chris Von Csefalvay discusses, from the beginning, what the experience was like for him
and what his plans are for the future.

If you missed it be sure to check out Part 1.