The Underhanded Nature of The Online Abuse Prevention Initiative

“The Online Abuse Prevention Initiative is an organization founded by CEO Randi Harper. Having spent 15 years in the tech sector, she has put her engineering skills to work in solving this problem, including authoring the popular “ggautoblocker” block tool currently being used by thousands of users to help protect themselves from mob harassment on Twitter.”

The OAPI has officially been created and is run by Randi Harper. She is attempting to become authorized under a 501c3 status making it a non-profit tax deductible cause that can fully function as a legal and approved organization. Her website suggests that they would be working with tech companies seeking to better support their communities. (click to enlarge)



Harper has proven on multiple occasions that she allows personal vendettas to interfere with her work, that she misuses money provided to her through her Patreon under false pretenses, and has taken out her anger on individuals involved in the community and justifies with guilt by association. Another article on this site shows examples of her harassment towards others; this is a telling sign of what would be to come, and even more so on a grand scale, if she did indeed get approved for a 501c3.


Make your voices heard. The concept is wonderful, helpful, needed, but it can not be run or established by someone such as Harper with a history of repeated abuse of others. She has intentionally gone after individuals while posting her attacks for all to see, and has tried all she could to tear them apart by spreading lies, dog-piling those individuals with her followers, and going so far as to support movements to harass others off of social media sites such as #StopWadwha2015

She cannot be trusted to objectively create tools to aid in the online harassment issue. Her GGautoblocker has been noted by many as flawed. With a concept that blocks based on guilt by association it effectively wipes out thousands of people who may have no idea why; labels them as monsters, harassers, and idiots. This is not a Online Abuse Prevention organization, it is a tool to allow Harper to continue to pick and choose who she likes and who she wants to continue to publicly abuse.

If you have been harassed by Randi Harper and/or would like to voice your opinions on her eligibility for a 501c3 you can fill out this form and send it to . This is a serious matter, please only submit a form if you can prove your reasoning with facts and sources.