Convention Threats A New Staple?

Recently we have been in a quagmire, as the gaming communities have been split online and in real life fighting for things that they believe in. While things can be heated, they tend to go no further then random acts of trolling. But there is a disturbing new trend by some individuals like David Gallant, a man who describes himself as being a rather bitter individual and comes off at times as unstable, and for some, dangerous.


As you can see from the tweet above, Gallant has openly encouraged a violent act on people who he disagrees with in an ideological sense. This is not the first time that things of this nature have happened ether. Earlier we had Brianna Wu ask “Are you a gamer they could throw down if called upon?” to attend PAX with them for “security” prompting people like Keegan Bean to reply such statements like:


No matter where you stand on any debate, a call to violence is never ok, and what we are seeing is a select group of people now using it as a bully tactic to create fear and resentment at conventions, as well as encouraging other to join into a mob think mentality. “It must be ok because everyone else is doing it!” is never an appropriate way of thinking or acting. Yet it is being encouraged.


We have already seen issue rise at MAGfest this year when one of the staff chose to cosplay Vivian James, receiving a death threat as well as groups of people ganging up on her the first 2 days on the convention floor when she walking around without her staff radio on hand, with people even to go as far as gloating that they wanted to punch “him” in the face, on twitter. Which says a lot about these people’s mentalities when the female in question, adequately describes herself as “androgynous looking gay middle eastern girl”.


This is a major and growing problem, one that even keeps myself from going to many of these convention as of right now. It is something that should not be endorsed by anyone and should be reported on. If you feel the same way, I encourage you to contact PAX safety staff at about rule 5 listed below.


Policy Overview

Any form of harassment, whether that’s based on gender identity/expression, race, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, or religion, will not be tolerated at PAX. If you are caught or reported to have harassed anyone at PAX, you will go through our reporting process and face remediation steps.


Harassment: Verbal, physical, psychological, or sexual abuse.

Sexual Harassment: The following actions are considered inappropriate and may be considered sexual harassment.

Teasing, jokes, innuendo, photos/images, gestures of a sexual/unwanted nature.

Touching or grabbing of a sexual nature.

Repeatedly standing too close to or brushing up against a person.

Giving gifts of a sexual/unwanted nature

Physical Harassment: Physical contact in an unwanted way toward another individual. (Also see Rule 3)

Psychological Harassment: Unwarranted hostile behavior, threats, or intimidation made toward another individual.”

Let’s make a community that removes these violent individuals from our game space, and allows for open and free transfer of ideas and opinions. As always let us know your thoughts below.
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