The Hidden Face of Hypocrisy: Randi Harper

When I first heard the name Randi Harper, I had only heard stories of her harassment towards others. I personally looked through her twitter and from what I gathered the harassment claims didn’t make sense. She seemed to be promoting helping combat the harassment she and others had received; she has a patreon page set up where she is currently receiving $2600.00 a month to fight against harassment. Looking further I questioned how it was possible that so many individuals had professed cases of harassment from Harper. When I inquired through twitter about the validity of the harassment claims, many brought forward their own personal experiences with Harper and it revealed a shocking reality. The images included are verified using archives and personal accounts. With this information you are welcome to form your own conclusion.

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TRIGGER WARNING: Strong language, threats, and information in these images may cause emotional distress to some readers.

_To provide context for some of the images provided in this article here is a small summary of Gamergate. The consumer revolt was created to combat unethical journalistic behaviors in the gaming community. As a revolt they’ve experienced misrepresentation by the mainstream media, celebrity figures, and have often been criticized due to some misleading information. If you would like information as to why this has happened click here. _

Claire Schuman is one of the more memorable experiences for both gamergate and anti-gamergate. She had come forward on reddit with an AMA allowing people from all sides to ask her questions about how she interprets her views. During the AMA she answered many questions and did her best to stay open minded, although she faced tough questions most were open and accepting of her answers. She is most remembered due to the insults she received from Harper after her reddit thread. (click to enlarge)


Which later lead to this.

After Harper had harassed her to tears Claire decided to de-activate her account after leaving one last message . Claire has not openly re-activated her account since and has kept quiet in the gaming community. Harper is anti-gamergate yet she chased away one of her own affiliates for her willingness to talk about her views openly. Some of Harper’s followers speculated that she was not a true anti-GamerGate affiliate for not attacking Gamergate and instead attempted to reason.

Another case of harassment was Vivek Wadwha, a long time women’s rights activist for women in tech. He recently co-wrote a book titled “Innovating Women: The Changing Face of Technology” which promotes the concept that “Women in technology are on the rise in both power and numbers, and now it’s more important than ever to not lose that momentum, to “lean in” and close the gender gap.”. It started when Randi, without reading his book, wrote a review on amazon about the well known women’s equal rights activist:

After reading the review the author himself offered to discuss his book and offered her a free copy of so that she could write an educated review. Her reply may not have been what he expected:

Harper later used one of her known tactics, some refer to it as her “sicing her dogs”, to bombard Wadwha with harassment from her followers by posting his twitter handle with misleading information for them to see. In the comments she encourages her followers while consistently trash talking the individual.

One user attempted to respond with how he felt about how Harper was treating Wadhwa:

Along with this tweet she also posted on Google+, claiming that by Wadwha retweeting her criticisms about the book that he was “harassing” her and trying to silence her. She requested that her followers upvote her review of the book she hadn’t read to run him, one of the world’s most influential minds,  out of the tech industry:

Soon after Wadhwa wrote an article on how he was stepping down when it came to the fight of women’s rights in technology. He expresses that he no longer feels needed due to strong women standing up for themselves but hopes the right women will be given the time to speak as he had witnessed how toxic online “feminist” women could be to the real cause. You can read his take the situation and his reasons for stepping down in his article here:

There are many accounts of Harper running people off of twitter and sending her followers to, bully, threaten, and express violence towards people she publicly displays. She changed her “Go Fuck Yourself” phrase to “Go Set Yourself On Fire” as if it would be a gentler alternative. When posting these twitter accounts she, at times gives false context or none at all, encourages her followers to lash out at the individuals she is displaying in the comments.

This topic, harassment of others by Randi Harper, will be a three part series here on Ship2Block20; it will also include an interview by another known victim Chris von Csefalvay, conducted by myself. Part two will be available shortly. Please comment below. If you have been harassed by Randi Harper feel free to post them or contact me directly.
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