How Law & Order: SVU and ABC Misrepresented Gamers

Gamers aren’t just white males who live in a basement with psychopathic traits. Gamers come from all sorts of backgrounds and ethnicities. The myth that gamers are just boys that are immature, is wrong. This simple stereotype should have been obvious to everyone. But why wasn’t it?

The last two big instances where gamers were portrayed, were horrible: like Stephanie told us with her interaction with ABC and we also had the disaster that was Law & Order: SVU – Intimidation Game, where developers have come out and spoken against it.

We have come so far, how is the stereotype of gamers still so wrong? If you want to see a great example of the diversity in the game space, just look at the video below.

There are plenty of female, minorities and transgender people within the gaming community that feel welcome. Gamers don’t harass each other all the time. We play with each other and have fun. There are the bad seeds, but they’re everywhere and not exclusive to gamers.

The statistic that suggest that 89% of gamers are male is wrong. The average gamer is 35 years old and not some kid in a basement. The percentage of male-to-female ratio is 60-40%. It is true that most games are aimed towards males because that is the largest demographic when it comes to the hardcore gaming crowd. This does not mean that a market for minorities does not exist, or that they don’t buy these games. If a lot of people were against these type of games, then the market would have dictated that people don’t want these sorts of games.

We have come this far in gaming that it is now the biggest industry within entertainment. It has surpassed movies and music. There are several hundred million people playing games. If you combine the hardcore gamers you still get 200-300 million players that play games on a regular basis and have it as a hobby.

Why is it the case then, that the media is 20 years behind on this and can not do simple research when it comes to something that is more popular than movies and music? The gaming media has also gone so far to tell that gamers as a whole don’t welcome minorities and female gamers. That is a total lie. There are so many people playing games now. There is nobody stopping anyone from playing games.