World of Warcraft Will Add Support For Colorblind in New Patch

In a new patch World of Warcraft is going to add an option for people that suffer from being colorblind.


There aren’t a lot of games that take the extra effort to make it possible to make it easy to play for people who are colorblind. In the new patch Blizzard will add it to the game to make it easier to play for people who do suffer from colorblindness.


World of Warcraft is still the biggest MMO in the world with approximately 7.5 million subscribers. They recently released a new expansion called World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor.

[Via IGN

  • “Valve has now been forced under EA laws to give refunds to those who want the game back within 14 days of purchase”……???

  • MAPBill

    That’s crazy. You can return the game IF you haven’t played it yet. *facepalm*


    • Adam Higerd

      What’s unbelievable about it? It’s the same as any other thing you might buy. You can return games to a brick-and-mortar store only if you haven’t opened them.

      It’s not like you can go to the store, buy a box of cereal, eat half of it, and return it saying “I didn’t like it.”

      • MAPBill

        A piece of software or hardware is different. If you buy a TV and it doesn’t work (within the warranty period) YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO RETURN IT! Same with a defective software. That’s sensible pro-consumer protection.

        • Adam Higerd

          EA’s system is that downloaded digital goods that turn out to be defective have a 72-hour return period. Maybe Valve should imitate that.