Kickstarter Game Raised $114,000 Has Now Stopped Development

In June 2013 there was a Kickstarter for the game Stomping Lands. The developer has now gone silent, after a artist has not received pay or has had any contact with the developer for over a month.

The developer only asked for $20,000 but managed to raise several times the asking price. It has been revealed now that the artist that has worked on the game, hasn’t had contact with the developer Alex Fundora. The game was released on Steam Early Access and said the game was in full development at that time.

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Vlad Konstantino, the artist of Stomping Lands, has now quit the project and claims that Alex Fundora owes him money for work. He is now currently working on a new project.


A backer of the game has contacted Kickstarter and informed them on this. He also contacted the developers, but the only reply he got was an apology from the company.

[Via Gamespot]