Broken Age Part 2 Being Released This Spring

Double Fine’s Broken Age part 2 will be released this spring. The game was split up into two parts even though reacing its original Kickstarter goal. It is also currrently in beta stage.

The game is set to release on Ouya, PC, Linux, Mac, Vita, PS4 and Android. The game is currently in external Q&A testing. Broken Age Part 1 was released in January 2014. The second part of the has still not been released a year later.

<img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2015/02/broken_age_capture_1.jpg" alt="brokenagecapture_1″ title=”” />

Even though the original goal was 400 000$, Double fine managed to raise $3,336,371 for the project. Several more times than they asked for. They are still late and had to divide it up into two parts.

[Via IGN]