Peter Molyneux And The Disaster That is Godus

In 2013 there was a young scottish person called Bryan Henderson that won Curiosity. Curiosity was a mobile game were you destroyed blocks one at a time. One person would get something special when they destroyed the last cube.

The prize of when you destroyed the last cube was a chance to control the online world of Godus with a chance to earn money and help the developer. However, it’s been almost two years now and he has not recieved any word from the team that works on Godus. According to Molyneux it is a “life changing prize”, when he was interviewed in 2013. The prize in essence would made Bryan Henderson a God in Godus. They promised Henderson a cut of the game.


Almost two years later, Henderson has still not recieved any word or any money from them. Even though he sent an email every month to get an update on the prize. 22Cans has not responded to him once during this time period. He also said that after a while he stopped sending emails because he didn’t get any response from 22Cans.

Bryan Henderson himself explains:

“For a moment I was excited. My general feeling was, depending on how well the game does, I was thinking in terms of worst to the best, I could get £10,000 to £500,000 at the very best. Still, that would be awesome. But so far not a penny.”
He continues with:
“A month or two after winning, I would email them every month, purely because I expected more communication from them, but it wasn’t happening. “

“I would ask, so, what’s happening? When am I going to find out more stuff? What’s going to happen, specifically? They were taking their time to answer. They would say, we need to do this first and tell you afterwards.

“Since I won and a year after, I would email them as a ritual thing, every month, just to get some kind of update. Eventually I was like, they’re not being professional at all. Communication is non-existent, so I’m not even going to try anymore.”
The game came out in September 2013 and has yet to get a multiplayer mode for the game. Peter Molyneux has overpromised on Godus and it is not the first time either. He is also known to have overhyped the Fable games. Rumors also have it that most of the 22Cans team have left development for the game Godus.


Molyneux can’t promise that the multiplayer will ever come to the game. Which means that Henderson might not ever get this so called “life changing prize” Molyneux promised to him. Henderson has yet to get any apology from Peter Molyneux himself.

After hearing this Molyneux responded with:

“That’s pretty poor, isn’t it?”

He continues with:

“He should have a contact here. That’s pretty shoddy for us to not keep him posted. I totally and absolutely and categorically apologize. That isn’t good enough and I’ll take it on my own shoulders that I should have made sure he was communicated with. We will from today onwards do that.”

Let us know what you think of the matter. Is this acceptable from 22Cans and Peter Molyneux?

Source: Gamespot