Law and Order Breaks the Spell of Media Toxicity Toward Gamers

The controversy that is GamerGate seems to be attracting more developers the last few weeks. RogueStar (Slade Villena) has been an outspoken member and developer along with Jennifer Dawe, Brad Wardell. But it seem that they might not be the only one supporting GamerGate.

It started of with smaller guys like RogueStar speaking out against ethical breaches and corruption in the industry and the concern about the breaches of several individuals in the industry, especially between indie developers and journalists without disclosing it. He has been suspended several times for speaking out against this on twitter.

Ethan James Petty, a Watch_Dogs writer, has gone out and defended GamerGate against the claims of harassment last month.


Brianna Wu has not held back with her accusation towards Petty. Trying to convince Ubisoft to to fire him. 2015-02-13 11-07-53

Which he again responded with in a conversation with her:


Recently after the episode about GamerGate with Law & Order: SVU, World of Warcraft lead developer Mark Kern has also recently come out in defense after that episode. The episode showed the perspective of the opposition of GamerGate and following their narrative the last few months according to what they themselves have said. GamerGate members have been called terrorists, harassers, compared to the KKK by Joss Whedon and even said to be worse than ISIS. 2015-02-13 11-11-40

These are the more prominent ones, and the list keeps getting bigger. Is this telling for what’s to come in the future? Will game developers start showing support for the consumer revolt that is GamerGate? Let us know below.