Law and Order: SVU #GamerGate

If you watched the Law and Order SVU Gamergate special you may be just as shocked as I am. In this particular episode it was advertised as events that take place at a gaming convention with a female gamer. A brief overview, not one but two female game developers are sexually assaulted for being women; these developers were sent specific threats, which they clarify is not covered under free speech. The police advised that these women go undercover to keep men from badgering them. Both women don’t listen and instead release their game with the request that the police do not attend as to keep from drawing attention. In response Olivia and crew go undercover to protect Rayna, the speaker of the two, and utterly fail. Rayna is then kidnapped and raped during a live stream while the police sit and watch without so much as sending out a search party.


The women are made to look weak, feeble, arrogant, and if anything completely helpless in protecting themselves against the terrifying male gamers. There’s no social media response that come from the women, they were completely innocent and had no cause to be harassed nor did they attempt to profit from the harassment based events; yet the women are persistently targeted and abused! What was the point of this story? Was it to make women feel as if they are not welcome in the gaming community as a whole? To make them feel terrified to go to a gaming convention because they could be assaulted in a bathroom just for being female? To make them feel as if no matter what course of action they take they could be gang raped or killed for so much as talking to men who game?


I’m so infuriated by the fact that they portray the gaming community as life threateningly hostile! I would never want my sisters who haven’t followed the gamergate controversy to see this. The sheer fear that a woman who has not followed recent events could feel from this is horrifying. With the way the media has portrayed women in gaming and with this SVU episode they have painted gamers as all being  delusional males that will go to extreme lengths to make women feel like interfering worthless vaginas. They spit in the face of gamers everywhere…including women! I feel personally violated and victimized by this episode. As if people will look at me differently if I say I enjoy gaming. As if people would pity me for such a “dangerous” hobby!


Congratulations SVU you set a major issue back by about 6 months and made it look even worse than it could ever possibly be. Useless police offers, women who prefer to cry and whimper, and a story line that was nothing but a giant scare tactic that may possibly turn women away from gaming. Good job! You made me, as a gamer, feel as if I will never be more than a victim.