Trash Talk Keeps Gaming Alive

Trash talk is an important and almost vital part of the competitive online gaming community. With a long history of  moderating and development it has come to be one of the largest driving forces to keep players going. It pushes teams to work together, teaches newbies what not to do, and encourages a competitive spirit amongst players. This gets mixed up with harassment all to often, something I talked about last week.


The first time you’re placed into a server it can be a little nerve racking, but don’t let what seems to be an abrasive welcome stand in your way of having a good time. Listen to the advice other players give you, and even though it may sound like a shorthanded smack down, it is most likely for the benefit of you and your team. Learning the terminology through listening to other players communicate is key to learning what to do and what not to do. Once you get the basics down soon it’ll be your turn to help guide a new player so take note of the instruction that helped you the most effectively, even if that means a quick reprimand.


At times the media/certain public activists have explained trash talk as a cruel slew of slanderous banter with no other intent but to hurt another person however, in actuality for most, it is a tool meant to help the community. Players who have never met each other jump into a game with players from many different regions; they don’t have time to form a strong rapport. Trash talk is a means for each player to know where they stand, how well they are doing, and to know when they are screwing up. Without this level of swift correction new players could aimlessly miss the point of a round and detrimentally lose for the team.  Here is an example of how trash talk has been a benefit for one member of the community:


Those who have been online gaming for many years are sure to have great stories of comradery; some that most likely had been developed through trash talking between players. To work as a team it takes more than gentle banter and to keep up a four hour raid it can take more than an occasional correction to take down the enemy.  Trash talk is a way for the fellow player to communicate, have fun, and maybe even vent a little after a hard day; it’s vital to keep the community alive and thriving. Without it the online gaming community just wouldn’t be the same.

If you have any stories or examples of trash talk in your gaming lives that you find endearing, share them with us below.