Why you should not pre-order your games

It started out with getting some skin or costume when you pre-ordered a game. That was frankly alright in my opinion. As long as it’s something that doesn’t give you something that’s a chunk of a game, i am alright with that. The last few years this has not been the case. The worst example i’ve seen have been with Alien Isolation and Evolve.

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It’s not just the pre-order bonus that come with games that are bad, Season Passes are announced before the game is even out. A pre-order of a pre-order is what that is. You don’t know what the game is like, and yet they want you to pay for additional content you don’t know even know the quality of. You also don’t know what the downloadable content is going to include. You base your purchase of a promise from a company or a store that only wants to get your money.


They’ve gone from taking some cosmetics, and included them in pre-orders to taking out chunks of the game itself. There are exclusive DLC missions and parts that now aren’t part of the original game because of pre-order bonuses.  Companies have seen that it benefits them instead of the costumer. That is why they are continuing this kind of anti-consumer practices. Tell them that this is not alright. If you really want this to stop, don’t buy games based on a promise. Buy it on merit. Vote with your wallet.

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Buying games before you know anything about them isn’t really that smart of a choice. Even if you don’t rely on reviews, you should wait for people to talk about the game and then make a conscious decision if you want it or not. Look to a reviewer you know or trust or just look at regular gameplay and decide from that. Don’t get decieved from all the trailers that are made for the sole purpose of making you buy it. That’s what they want from you. To be clear, i am not telling anyone not to buy games. Make an informed decision when you buy a game. There’s no longer any shortage when you want to buy games a few days after it has launched. You’re no longer restricted because of there are few copies of a certain game. Wait a few days and then get the game. You are sure to get a game you know is good, and know that you have not wasted your money.


Stop rewarding these companies by bad business practices. They don’t care about you, they care about your money. If you really want to send a message don’t buy into the pre-order debacle.  Let these companies know that you don’t think it’s alright to take out content to sell it to people. Giving people the additional content just because you get a promise is wrong.

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