My expectation from the big three this year

I have a few expectations of the big three console makers this year. I really hope they can improve on their current work on their console, because all three have their issues. These are my concerns and thoughts regarding the three consoles.


I expect them to continue making great first party games. I still don’t think they’re going to gain or overtake X1 in sales. But i think the console is going to be more popular with the release of Zelda and other big titles. I really want Nintendo to stay relevant. I hope the console also gets cheaper, as i am writing this it’s still 650 bucks or so to get here. It’s really the only reason i haven’t gotten it already is because i think it’s too expensive. I still think that the console has a lot to offer though.

My favorite game from Nintendo is still Mario Kart 64, and i want to try the newer Mario Karts since i haven’t had a Nintendo console since the N64 days. I expect the 3DS to continue doing well. They’ve done a real good job with that. Nintendo really knows how to do to their handhelds. I do think Nintendo has a lot of potential this year. They showed that they can still make awesome games for their consoles. I think they are going to be second this year when it comes to games. That’s because i think their first party is going to be so solid that they’re going to finish strong. We still don’t know most of the titles coming out from them, but they’re going to do great work with them. Let’s hope they are going to release a new Mario game this year.


I don’t think the Xbox One is in the best position right now. I do think they’re going to have a better year than this year. I thought they had a better year than Sony when it came to exclusives, but not as good as Nintendo’s year. I do think that they are going to regain some territory with the Tomb Raider timed exclusive and some other games. But i don’t think they’re going to have a better year than Nintendo or Sony.

They just have too little compelling titles coming out for my taste and for most people’s taste i think. Halo isn’t going to be enough to make them stay relevant. Halo does sell well, but they can’t continue to just rely on that title alone to make them money. They need to make other games or new ip’s. Forza 6 is bound to come out with some new amazing gameplay and graphics. It’s probably going to be the best rated racing games again. Turn 10 is an amazing studio with lots of great people there.

I want to be wrong about this, but i don’t think i am. The current price for it here is around 800 bucks, and for that price it is not really worth it at the moment. It’s a little cheaper other places in europe, but for the games out for it right now it isn’t worth it in my opinion. If you do like the few exclusives they do release however, it is worth it for you. They do know how to make games at Microsoft, i just think they’re too far in between to justify a purchase.


Sony did not have the best year when it came to the exclusives. They did have Little Big Planet 3, but they also had the disaster of Driveclub. I bought Driveclub on launch (yeah i know). That game was unplayable for at least two weeks. They better get their act together with these games. Not everyone is going to buy a PS4 if they release broken games out of the gate. Not that Halo Master Chief Collection was any better, they still had Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon as two other big titles to rely on.

Sony did show however, if they stick with their gameplan, that they have the best lineup currently for 2015 overall. They have big multiplatform games coming and great exclusives. How all of them turn out is yet to be determined. But there is no doubt that Sony promotes different kind of games a lot. Indie games have been heavily promoted on Sony’s consoles the last few years. You can choose from more games, some of them you might not like. Some of them you might though.

I will expect Sony is going to have the best year overall with the momentum they’ve carried from 2014. They need to show us why we bought this console was worth the price. So it’s going to be a big year for Sony to prove that the console is not just hype