How Gamespot actively censors its user about #GamerGate


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As of right now Gamespot have been pming me and they now have a thread with 200+ comments on one of their subforums. It seems that they have held up to their word.

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After a request from a mod, i’ve uploaded all of the pm’s of our conversation. You can see the two new posts after i published the article. As i am speaking i am writing a new #GamerGate article. I will see if they hold their word.

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The community manager and the mods have now contacted me personally. They’ve said that they’re not again going to lock up threads regarding GamerGate. This is a good thing, that they’ve listened to what i have had to say, but it’s also taken me more grief than it should have. I’ve notified the moderation and the community manager several times about this. I did this because i felt was not getting heard and i was being censored. I will try to post another #GamerGate topic on the forums and see if they actually follow up on their promise. Be sure to keep updated on the matter.


Original article

Let’s start at the beginning. I’ve been an active member for over ten years and one of the most vocal voices on the board. I am well known figure. I know the community manager and i know all the mods on the site.

I had an own board for 8 years, before Gamespot actively went out of their way to to destroy the private boards with the new makeover on the site. As i am speaking i have over 70 000 posts on the forums. I’ve shared my opinion with others. I’ve shared ideas and thoughts with other like minded people. I’ve been wrong and i’ve been challenged sometimes. That’s all part of life.

The whole ordeal for me started with when i noticed InternetAristrocrat talked about a guy called MundaneMatt got his video taken down. Because of the corruption with Gamespot and the firing of Jeff Gerstmann, i knew first hand what’s wrong with the gaming industry. I’ve also observed that in 2012 Robert Florence got fired for his views on corruption on Eurogamer. Geoff Keighley and the DoritoGate incident also shows the other obvious problem.

There are also other incidents where Microsoft paid people to promote them in return for money. Shadow of Mordor was given to reviewers with specific instructions aswell as another example.

For me, taking this into account, i knew there was something obviously wrong with journalism. I got behind the idea and the consumer revolt that is GamerGate. I felt that this was a righteous cause to support. I started talking about this on the forum. That’s where i mainly interacted with other gamers. Soon though, i was sending tweets and even emails aswell. Sharing my opinion and exposing corruption. The backlash and lies that have been told about GamerGate is what personally surprised me the most.

GamerGate has been attacked from day one. It has been accused of being misogynistic and being behind harassment. I have personally never seen any proof of this. When i asked for proof, i didn’t recieve any. There is even a harassment patrol of people volunteering and reporting people disguising as trolls in the hashtag. I do acknowledge that there are people or sockpuppets trying to attack people. But they’ve been reported and banned on both sides. Any harassment is bad, no one should go through and that goes for anyone.

So the last weeks my threads have been locked. The only reason it was locked was because the moderator did not like the GamerGate hashtag and opinions. I even contacted the Community manager as you can see in the pictures and i never broke any Terms of Use on Gamespot. This was never the case, because if it was i would have gotten a warning on the site. Because the rules are clear cut.

The threads i posted never broke the terms of use, yet still got locked. This and this were the last straw.  I posted the first thread just to prove my point of censorship. They had no problems proving it by locking it just a few hours later.

Here are the other threads aswell:

Evidence #1

Evidence #2

and even a third incident about a morally grey line topic which got locked aswell

Evidence #3

There has been a thread about GamerGate with lots of posts, but since i’ve been threatened with suspension by just posting the latest thread, i am not willing to risk to break the ToU and just get that topic locked by bumping an old thread. I am going against something that i believe in and something i have not seen anything similar to it during my ten years on that site.

Here is the topic:


There are only two main boards on the site that is for general game discussio.n. Both of those have locked any discussion about GamerGate

I did not want to write this article, i love the community and the people from

Gamespot. But when there is blatant censorship about such a simple thing as ethics, then it’s worrying. I am sharing this info with everyone i can, and be sure to share this with people you know are interested in this.

I’ve also discovered that Gamespot is lacking a clear cut ethics policy and that one of their employees on Gamespot is still in the GameJournosPros List that is well known among the GamerGate community where a band of journalists have done ethically shady things.

I got refered to this as the ethics guidelines:


That is only a guide of how reviews work, i got it directly from the community manager. The only thing that she could really reference to was this video.

This is the only thing that GameSpot has to keep their reviewers in check. Do with this information as you will.