Is this HEV Hoodie me?

A lot of times the “geek” apparel can be a bit much from the Dragon Ball Z button down shirts to the shirts/jackets that are just plastered with Mario characters. I am more of a subtle design type of person. I love hoodies and one of my favorites is a Dead Space one. It looks as if it is a crewmen hoodie and has this nice, big Ishimura logo on the back. No one really gets it but I love it. Then comes the HEV hoodie.

So pretty!

The front in all its glory.

This bad boy (exclusive to ThinkGeek) is a subtle and yet very blatant hoodie that has got me scratching my head. I just can’t tell if it is too much or just right. I suppose I might have to just wonder what if with their high price tag of $70. But I do love me some Half-Life…


And that backside!


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