Voice of PaRappa threatens death on fan after he steals $100 from him in 2 year long escapade

(Artwork by The Wang, 2003)

This has been brewing for over a year now, but it seems that John Simpson III A.K.A. Dred Foxx, Voice actor of PaRappa the Rapper, is not as friendly as his video game counterpart. It all started when Cameron Perry, a diehard PaRappa fan and animator, started work on an animation project, right before the Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale release, and sought the voice of the official PaRappa, Dred Foxx, to voice the lines needed for the animation.

Perry enlisted the help of his friend Jacob Ryan Collins to get in contact with Foxx, which lead to the exchange as follows:


After some initial price negotiations, the two friends ended up paying full price, and for their efforts received nothing but dramatics, unfulfilled promises, a scrapped animation project, and the image of someone they admired completely shattered. This prompted them to rightfully ask for their money back over the course of several months, leading to Foxx eventually saying “..there is no agreement in writing..just be a lil more patient”

After this exchange, Perry asked a few more time for the refund, to only be ignored, until Perry threatened to post this ongoing saga to the public, which Foxx promptly responded to:


The post was made and Perry wiped his hands of it, until a series of events lead to the down spiral journey which started with a half joking post on the PaRappa Fan Page made by Perry’s friend, Oroku Saki stating, “Dred Foxx is a fucking con-artist. I SAID IT!” At first the the post was filled with confusion and off the wall banter till Foxx chimed in, which quickly changed the climate of the post. This eventually lead Perry to posting multiple pieces of evidence, ending in a video of the Perry and Foxx’s Facebook conversations which would end up shocking many fans. After another series of banter, leaving Foxx in an extremely dubious light, there was no response. Perry, thinking Foxx finally saw the error he committed, thought the matter done with, until his attention was drawn to the PaRappa 3 Petition fan group, where Foxx posted the equivalent of, for a lack of better words, digital diarrhea:


After seeing people liking this post, Perry had enough, leaving this response and walking away:


At this point, Foxx goes on a multi post tirade of insults and slander against the 19 year old fan over Facebook, throwing out any sense of the word “professorial” leaving many stunned. Soon after, the original posting of events by Perry, gained steam and around March 13 Foxx pulls Perry back in to the conversation as more and more fans start to question Foxx. Foxx threatens that a defamation law suit is on the way, in what I can only describe as an insanity fueled PR nightmare:


This was rightfully taken with a grain of salt and a barrel of laughs from Perry, ending with a light jab at Foxx’s use of 500 Million fans, which actually got Foxx to revise his much used quote, to “500+ thousand”(500,000+) fans. After a couple days, Foxx drops the idea of a lawsuit, after Jacob Ryan Collins gets worried, and questions Foxx.

At this point Foxx goes radio silent, Perry does his last update to his blog surrounding this drama as of May 1, 2014. Other people decide to voice their opinion, but at the time of the last post, the blog hit more than 70,000 views, with some of those viewers feeling strongly enough to continue champing for Foxx to return the meager sum of $100.

Which brings us to now, in which this series of events has escalated from internet drama, to full on death threat, when a confirmed booking email address of Foxx sent this email which Perry posted on Neogaf early today with some comments:


What was once a clash over an insignificant amount of money, has turned to a very scary situation, by a person who can’t seem to find a decent PR representative or common sense to deescalate the situation. We can safely say that this situation will make anyone that is thinking of working with Foxx, second guess the idea, if not cut ties all together. No one needs to take on this much bad PR, especially from someone who can’t take the tiniest of responsibility for their actions, and simple just give a warranted refund, for failing a fan. No one is above fixing their mistakes, but it seems like Dred Foxx is hell bend on destroying his public image and possibly his career to avoid doing so.


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