Working with Tish Trotter, we tackled Comikaze 2013, with power of Thor’s hammer! We check out Cosplay, The Video Game Museum, butt, toys, special interviews and more! Check out all the great video coverage below as its uploaded and be sure subscribe to the youtube channel for the latest updates and a chance to win a Small prize pack with some shwag picked up at the con.

The Comickaze Run Around 2013

Comikaze Cosplay 2013

Rate Your Comikaze Butt

Ship 2 Block 20 Awards for Comikaze 2013

Interview Gill Champion and Nachie Marsham after the Zodiac reveal at Comikaze 2013

Interview with Chris Davis, CEO of Loot Crate

Interview with Richard Riehle Aka Tom Smykowski (Office Space)

Fun With Deadpool – Comikaze 2013

Tish gets ROBO ME’ed and takes a look at the WowWee Toys booth.

Intellivision and Videogame History Museum team up for Comikaze 2013


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